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Dear Guests,

Our hotel has suspended its operations as of 26’th of March 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which had an effect in our country as well as all over the world. Our hotel will accept guests again as of 1 August 2020 in accordance with the “standards and measures to be implemented in the accommodation facilities against COVID-19” envisaged both in the Circular of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism dated 12.05.2020 and in the Circular of the Ministry of Interior dated 02.06.2020.

Our priority in this process is the health of our guests and staff. In this context, our hotel has prepared an “in-house outbreak measure plan”. The main objectives of this plan are to minimize the contact of the hotel guests with each other and the staff, especially to ensure that the physical distance between individuals is maintained in case of inevitable coexistence of guests that may arise in common areas (reception, lobby, elevator, breakfast room, public toilets), and to carry out cleaning and hygiene practices in all areas of the hotel (common areas, guest rooms, dining room dedicated to the use of personnel, etc.) regularly and periodically within the framework of the above mentioned mandatory Circulars and the principles and rules set by the World Health Organization in order to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

In accordance with our decision, our hotel will operate with a maximum capacity of 60% of guests (16 rooms). We believe that both our preference in this regard and our detailed in-house outbreak plan that we will implement during this process will prevent any problems related to COVID-19 in our facility, which is already a small special class hotel.


* All personnel are regularly tested with COVID-19. Test results are recorded and kept.

* All personnel have received the necessary hygiene training from the Ministry of National Education and has a “Hygiene Training Certificate”.

* Body temperature measurements are made with contactless thermometers at the entrance and exit of the hotel. In addition, regular information is obtained from the personnel in order to monitor the persons with whom the personnel live together in terms of COVID-19.

* Adequate protective equipment is available for personnel working in the hotel. All personnel will use personal protective equipment required by the field during the work. Daily cleaning and hygiene of personnel clothes are provided.

* Our staff wash their hands regularly in accordance with the rules and take personal hygiene measures.

* Our staff works in accordance with the physical distance rules.


* The hotel has a disinfectant mat at the entrance and hand disinfectant apparatus where necessary.

* Special waste boxes are placed for wastes such as masks and gloves.

* Cleaning and disinfection of all common areas (lobby, reception, corridors etc.) are done every two hours by using water and detergent through damp wiping mat. In this context, disinfection and cleaning of hand-intensive surfaces such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, room keys and cards, table/coffee table surfaces are repeated more frequently by using chlorine compounds. Cleaning of devices such as cash registers, computer keyboards, post devices, telephones where cleaning with chlorine compounds is not appropriate is provided with 70% alcohol.

C/IN and C/OUT

* Guests entering the hotel are required to use a medical mask. If more than one guest staying in different rooms enter the hotel at the same time, in order to maintain the distance between the guests, the first group performs C/IN at the reception, the second group waits in the left part of the hotel lobby and the third group waits in the right part of the hotel lobby.

* In case the guests and their belongings are carried by the hotel personnel during their entrance into the hotel, the hotel personnel shall use a separate sterile glove for each guest. In case of not using sterile gloves, every point of contact with guest items is wiped with disinfectant material after the transportation is finished.

* During the admission of the guests to the hotel, first of all, their fire is measured with a contactless thermometer.

* We kindly ask our guests to fill out a form requested by the Ministry of Interior and provide them with written information on the measures and practices adopted at the hotel during check-in.


* To ensure maximum hygiene, we disinfect every guest room with hydrogen peroxide after our regular cleaning services. When the guest leaves the hotel, the room is cleaned and ventilated, especially the equipment such as television and air conditioner controls, all points such as doors, windows and cupboard handles that guests come into contact with. In this framework, the room is left empty for 12 hours to ensure the necessary hygiene until new guests are accepted.

* For guests who do not want to receive house keeping services, basic supplies such as clean sheets, pillowcases and soap are provided by leaving them in front of the room doors.

* All units of the hotel ventilation system are cleaned by using disinfectants and by placing a special gel tab in the drain pan. These operations are repeated at regular intervals. There is no systematic connection between the rooms and air conditioning units in common areas, accordingly, it is not possible to transfer the air in any room to another room.


* Guests who do not wear medical masks cannot enter the breakfast room. The mask is removed only during the food and beverage activity, except that guests are required to wear a mask when they get up from the table.

* Since there is no open buffet service, guests make their desired food and beverage choices during the breakfast menu offered to them during C/IN or the day before breakfast. The products they prefer in this way are served to the guests sitting at their tables by the hotel staff.

* Each table has a hand sanitizer. Disposable salt, pepper, napkin etc. on the table. material is available, metal cutlery, spoons, knives are presented in a closed package.

* To provide physical distance rules in the breakfast room maximum 19 guests receive breakfast service at the same time.

* Breakfast service will be provided in two different time periods. The first time period is between 08:00 and 9:00 and the second time is between 9:30 and 10:30. Accordingly, there is a 30 minute sanitation period between the two breakfast serving periods. During this period, cleaning and disinfection of dining tables and chairs will be made with alcohol-based products, furthermore the breakfast room will be ventilated naturally.