Ataturk Airport - Uyan Hotel

  • Ataturk Airport -Hotel transfer 25 Euro one way, 45 Euro return
  • Directions for independent travel from Ataturk Airport (IST/LTBA) to Hotel Uyan:
    taxi ( 16-18 Euro ); Metro - from the airport to Aksaray (last station), exit the metro station and on the right you will see an underpass. Follow the underpass and exit to the left. Then turn right and you will walk along a narrow street with a mosque to your left and a restaurant to your right on the corner. At the corner turn right and you will be on the main tram street and you will see a big blue bridge. At the top of the bridge, take the second set of steps on the right. This will take you down to the platform for Sultanahmet. You can also take a Shuttle Bus from the Airport to Aksaray where you can transfer easily to the tram to Sultanahmet.
  • We advise you not to take a taxi (you may be overcharged and taken around the city first). We are ready to help you and provide all the information you need to make your stay in Istanbul as enjoyable as possible.